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Beer Education

Here at Cave Direct, we're pretty darn passionate about the beer we sell, and we're sure we are not alone in believing that every one should know both why the quality of the beer you drink matters, and just precisely what makes a great beer great.

To this end we've created a series of staff training and customer beer events to help spread the good beer gospel:


We offer three staff beer training options:

1. Staff Beer Introductory Course

Perfect entry level course for all staff, new to craft and speciality beer, this course outlines the features of key beers styles, reinforces product knowledge of your beer menu and boosts staff confidence in recommending beer suggestions to customers.

2. Beer Sommelier Training

For members of your team looking develop their beer knowledge further, we offer a programme of Beer Sommelier training sessions, in which we delve deeper into the history, brewing process and ingredients of the different styles of beer and help develop beer appreciation skills This course is ideal for bar and floor supervisors and in- house team trainers.

3. Beer Cuisine / Beer & Food Matching

Designed for chefs and key Front of House staff, this course shares best practices for cooking with beer, showcases some great beer cuisine recipe and breaks down the key principles of beer and food matching.


1. Beer Sampling

Informal free beer sampling conducted during a regular trading session, devised to give your customers an opportunity to try new beer styles, to develop their beer ordering confidence, and to be able to ask questions about your beer range, on an one to one basis.

2. Beer Tastings Events

Designed for pre-booked groups, our hosted beer tasting events, tailored to your beer offering, are a great way to get your customers to think of beer in a wholly new light. Think wine tastings - only less formal,  considerably less intimidating and barrels more fun!

3. Meet the Brewer Events

The brewers who make the beer we sell love to meet the people who drink it. In equal measure, they also love talking about their creations. These informative beer talks and tutored tastings from these masters of the brewing art are real crowd pullers.

For more details of our beer education training and customer events, please contact us at info@cavedirect.com

For current Cave Direct customers, your Cave Direct Account Manager will be pleased to talk through staging classes and beer events with you.