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  • Campus Amber
  • Campus Amber

    Special Belge Ale

    Melle, Belgium
    BEER NOTES: Softly sweet with a caramel touch, this is a beautiful amber lager. That start is followed by a spicy note of coriander combined with pepper, which gives it a zingy light finish.
    FOOD & BEER: Great with stews and roasted dark meats.
    BEER INFORMATION: 24 x 330ml bottle (7% abv)
  • De Koninck
  • De Koninck


    Antwerp, Belgium
    BEER NOTES: The beer of Antwerp, De Koninck is an amber coloured, top-fermented beer with a lively taste and soft, velvety aroma. Brewed with Saaz hops, De Koninck may seem very similar to a British ale, but it's more fragrant and spicier. Served in its classic stemmed glass, known as a bolleke or "little ball".
    FOOD & BEER: The ultimate easy drinking "session" beer, so great on its own but also pairs well with slow-roasted meat dishes.
    BEER INFORMATION: 30 litre Sankey keg (5.2% abv)
  • Kwak
  • Kwak


    Buggenhout, Belgium
    BEER NOTES: Kwak is a deep amber beer with a rich white head. The aroma is of caramel and dried fruit, while a sweet malt body with honey and liquorice notes precedes a toffee finish. Known primarily for its famous stirrup glass and wooden stand, Pauwel Kwak translates as Fat Paul, an enterprising innkeeper who legend tells us developed the chevalier glass to sell beer to passing coachmen.
    FOOD & BEER: Works well with steak and slow-cooked pork and beef.
    BEER INFORMATION: 24 x 330ml 30 litre keg (8.4% abv)
  • Satan Red
  • Satan Red

    Belgian Amber Ale

    BEER NOTES: Satan red is a strong amber ale with a delicious, robust flavour of dark fruits and toasted malt.
    FOOD & BEER: Its fruitcake character makes it ideal with tangy cheeses and hearty stews
    BEER INFORMATION: 24 x 330ml bottle (8% abv)
  • St Feuillien Brune
  • St Feuillien Brune

    Belgian Brown Ale

    Le Roeulx, Belgium
    BEER NOTES: Delicately spiced amber ale with a warming dark fruit and liquorice aroma and taste, finished with a delicately hoppy crisp finish.
    FOOD & BEER: Great with dark, sticky stews, hard cheeses and charcuterie.
    BEER INFORMATION: 24 x 330ml bottle (7.5% abv)
  • Tiny Rebel Cwtch
  • Tiny Rebel Cwtch

    Red Ale

    Newport, Wales
    BEER NOTES: Tiny Rebel are a modern craft brewery in South Wales, brewing classic British styles with a twist – usually a hoppy one. Cwtch is Welsh for cuddle, and this beer is a light but sweet Welsh red ale with a crisp, bitter finish that leaves you gasping for more.
    FOOD & BEER: Would be great with Welsh Rarebit, Scotch eggs and other pub bites.
    BEER INFORMATION: 24 x 330ml bottles, 30 litre keg (4.6% abv)
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  • Troubadour Speciale
  • Troubadour Speciale

    Speciale Belge Ale

    Ursel, Belgium
    BEER NOTES: Craft brewers Troubadour are an unusual Belgian brewer, and this is a very special take on the Belgian amber style, with a big hop profile that balances the sweetness and gives it a strong bitter finish.
    FOOD & BEER: Great with barbecued meats as the sweet malts match the meat and the hops cut right through.
    BEER INFORMATION: 24 x 330ml bottle (5.7% abv)