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Cave Direct are opening a bar & centre of excellence!

Cave Direct are very proud to announce that in January we’ll open our first ever pub, in Hackney Wick, East London – and we're crowdfunding to support it right now.

Opening under our online bee retailer brand, Beer Merchants, the bar, bottleshop and blendery will also act as centre of excellence for our customers, where we can train stuff in everything from sommelier skills to cellarmanship while also acting as a tasting room for new products.

With our own tech team in house we will have a state-of-the-art cellar where we can offer training for customers and their staff, including changing kegs, best practice and line cleaning. We’ll also run regular sensory training sessions with our Cicerone Certified staff and other beer experts.

Cave Direct Managing Director, Colin Gilhespy, says: “My dad founded Cave Direct back in 1979 and when I joined my first job was setting up our little bottleshop in south-east London. Since that closed, opening our own taproom is something we’ve always wanted to do.

“This big space allows us to create a wonderful place for beer lovers to try the hundreds of incredible beers we bring in, as well as a centre of excellence to help our customers look after their beer and make sure their own sites excel.”

As well as working as a training centre for the trade, the Beer Merchants Tap will also be a brilliant bar in its own right. we’re going to have some of the world’s best beers on our 24 taps. Already we’ve put away some exciting kegs from Lervig, Tilquin and a few British breweries, and also have a very exciting American brewer sending us some beer specially for the launch. Don't worry we'll still make sure all of these beers are available to customers and fairly distributed where limited.

On top of our amazing, rotating tap list, we’ll have around 700 beers in the fridges from our online shop, allowing you browse, takeaway, drink in and even pick up orders you’ve made online. We’ll also have a special vintage section full of delicious lambics, stouts, Trappists and barley wines we’ve hiding away for years in preparation. Which leads us on to our final exciting announcement.

Within the first year we hope to set up the barrel-ageing project and blendery. As you may know, not all lambic producers brew their own wort, buying it from other spontaneous brewers to age themselves. The tradition comes from a time when brewers would brew the beer and send it straight to the pubs to age and blend themselves before serving. We’re going to bring that back by opening the UK’s first dedicated blendery using spontaneous beer from Britain and beyond. The beers will only be available from the Beer Merchants Tap, and won’t be available for a few years, but the barrel room will also be available as an event space in which we’re going to host all kinds of tastings, takeovers and dinners.

We’re currently crowdfunding to raise money for this exciting project. For every £1 someone invests they will get £2 to spend in the pub, so you can double your money! For more details check out our Crowdfunder page or speak to your rep.