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Cave Direct add De La Senne to the permanent list

We are very proud to announce we’ve added a new brewery from Belgium to our core list.

We’ve been admirers of Brasserie De La Senne for a long time – they brew bold, bitter variations on traditional Belgian styles that appeal to the hop-focused British palate while offering something new. They’re also known for brewing that rare thing – a sessionable Belgian ale.

Founded by two passionate homebrewers who were tired of the high abvs and sweeter styles of Belgium, this Brussels brewery was one of the first new-wave Belgian breweries. The quality, consistency and flavour of all the beers are second to none. Their flagship beer, Taras Boulba, is an incredible light pale ale that mixes grainy malt flavours with fresh lemon and spicy hop flavours to make for a really dry and satisfying session beer. It’s now a staple in Belgian beer bars and makes a great house beer.

The rest of the range is based on traditional Belgian abbey styles – blondes, tripels and dark ales – but all with plenty of aromatic hops and soft bready flavours. Jambe De Bois is a fantastic bittersweet triple, Zinnebir a well-hopped and aromatic Belgian blonde, and Stouterik a complex roasty stout unlike any other in the Lowlands.

All the beers are available year round in 24 x 330ml bottles, and seasonally on draught from our specials list. For pricing or more information on the brewery and their beers, get in touch with your rep!