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Cave Direct to import Belgian upstarts t'Verzet!

Cave Direct are excited to say that we've started importing the awesome t'Verzet brewery from Belgium!

We first visited the brewery when it was still a building site, tacked onto the side of a slightly grubby car repair garage. To get to their site you had to walk through the claustrophobic garage, the smell of burnt rubber and oil in your nostrils. But once through the door, everything opened up. In the centre of their giant warehouse was the start of their brewhouse, at that time just a tiled floor and a collection of tanks still in their wrapping. We tried a few beers (cuckoo brewed at the time) and loved the De La Senne-like hoppy twist on the Belgian classics. What blew us away though, was their oak-leaf oud bruin. Less sweet than the Duchesse, more umami than the Rodenbach, and completely unique thanks to the nutty edge of the leaf. We promised to come back soon.

And we're glad we did. Visiting over the summer the brewery has fulfilled the promise they showed us. The giant brewhouse is now fully operational, the centre point of an amazing, open space brewery. In the next room, hundreds of barrels sit gentle bubbling away, filled with stouts and variations of oud bruin for blending. The brewery now produces a wide range of core beers that take inspiration from Belgium, the UK, America and Australia, all the time adding their own unique spin. They put maple syrup in their dubbel, use all Belgian hops in their IPA, age their stout in whisky casks and have tried both cherry and raspberry versions of their oud bruin.

Every beer was grounded in drinkability with a smooth but firm bitterness and a lower ABV than you'd usually see for each style. But on top of that was always plenty of gorgeous stone fruit character from the yeast.

We're really excited about where Verzet can go, and hopefully where we can take them. They're on our specials list from now and we hope to be bringing in the beers regularly enough to go on our core list soon. So make sure you give them a try and get feedback from your customers. For any more details speak to your rep or email info@cavedirect.com.