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Paulaner & Hacker-Pschorr Oktoberfest preorders now open!

Originally called a Marzen because it was brewed in March and lagered over the summer, Oktoberfest beers take a long time to brew so Paulaner and its sister brewery Hacker-Pschorr a primed and ready to go!

Oktoberfest is a great excuse to hold a beer-led event at your pub, bar or restaurant and bring in the crowds. So while it feels a long way away, we're now taking preorders for the best beer festival in the world. Only six breweries can produce official Oktoberfest beers, and we have the best two on draught and in package. Both Paulaner and Hacker-Pschorr’s Oktoberfest beers have lots of lemon, bittersweet caramel and brioche notes, with Hacker’s offering a slightly richer malt profile. 

There really is no tradition like the food, beer and camraderie of a well-run Oktoberfest and we have seen it drive huge revenue for people who do it right. To make it easier, we have simplified the process this year while also offering more support to anyone who wants to hold an event. Those who order 6-12 kegs of Paulaner or Hacker-Pschorr will receive a silver POS kit of coasters, hats, sticks and bunting. Customers who order over 12 kegs will get the gold package with more of each of these products. Two-pint stein glassware comes in crates of 15 with a £40-per-case deposit, refundable on the return of the glasses and plastic crate.

For more details speak to you rep or check your emails for our preorder list, which goes out to customers nationwide at 2pm.