Get ready for Whiplash Slow Life

Get ready for Whiplash's Slow Life, a dry Irish stout with a beautiful complexity of roasted coffee and soft malt sweetness, leaving the taste of creamy chocolatey flavours.

Slow Life will be available from 1st November for Pre-Order and you can speak to our account managers for more information

We caught up with the team at Whiplash to get more insight into Slow Life and the brewery itself.

What inspired you to start the brewery Whiplash? 

Working full-time in a large craft brewery with a focus on core beer, Alex was longing to make more modern, interesting styles. With the brewery’s permission, he and Alan began to use the brewery’s smaller tanks out of hours to brew some one-off limited-edition beers under the name Whiplash, starting in 2016. Demand quickly grew which eventually led to Alex & Alan going full-time with Whiplash, building their own brewery in 2019.

What does the name mean & where did it come from? 

The original brewery was going through rapid expansion and a huge building stage whilst our founders were brewing there and some might say, it was a real pain in the neck. When the pair decided to start making some one-off releases on the side, they took the inspiration from there and Whiplash was born

What sets you apart from your competitors? 

Thanks to a few years of cuckoo-brewing all over Europe, when it came time to build a brewery for Whiplash, Alex knew exactly what he wanted, and perhaps more importantly, what he didn’t want. The brewery is completely custom designed and contains a unique piece of kit called a mash filter which allows us an enormous degree of flexibility and a high standard of quality. By brewing each beer in small batches that can be easily scaled, we can brew multiple styles in a single day. To date, the Whiplash team have released well over 100 different beers with everything from porters and stouts to double IPAs, lagers, sours and pale ales.  



What makes Slow Life special? 

We use the highest quality materials to create Slow Life. Brown Malt, Chocolate Malt and Aromatic Malt all feature, bringing a complex malt character to the beer and superior flavour stability. The grain bill also allows for a really rich and full body.  In comparison to Macro equivalents with low-grade malts and low amounts of organic hop material, Slow Life is the much superior choice.  

Stout is a style synonymous with Ireland and in particular Dublin, so as a Dublin brewer we feel we’re in a great place to make our mark on the style and do it the justice it deserves. It was only right to add this delicious style to our year-round offering.  


Why did you create Slow Life? 

We only make beer we’d want to drink ourselves, and we like to drink stout! Plus, we were sick of drinking bad stout. Equally, we wanted to create a delicious, independent alternative to the market that would be available year-round, not just a seasonal special. It’s our team’s go-to pint at our bar Fidelity and is perfect when you want to dial down the speed of life and take things a little more Slow(ly), see what we did there?



What does Slow Life offer our venues? 

This unique nitro and dry Irish stout diversifies a bar’s beer selection by providing an independent dark beer option. Bar managers can enhance their menu with a year-round available stout, which can cater to customers seeking a different flavour profile compared to more common beer styles 

What question does it answer for the consumer? 

We are offering the drinker an appealing alternative to the more mainstream macro beer styles allowing consumers to experience a piece of Irish brewing culture. The 4.5% ABV strikes a perfect balance, making the perfect full pint. And we know when you taste it, Slow Life speaks for itself. 

What does it mean to sell Whiplash? 

Our commitment to quality and creating the best tasting beers that leave consumers & bars alike asking for more. Our genuine links to art and music, & working with the best artists in our community make our brand something people want to be associated with and can identify with. Also, it’s no secret that Whiplash brings the party with us wherever we go...! 

Contact your account manager to sign up for a Slow Life line and be in with a chance to win a trip to Dublin including a brewery tour (exclusive to the winners as they don't offer these as standard), a tasting and dinner and drinks in their bar Fidelity!