Oktoberfest never disappoints. This year again, we had a wonderful stay in the Bavarian capital. It all kicked off with with lunch at the brewery followed by a tour - Once again, we were excited to see how Paulaner have managed to embrace modernity with great infrastructures and equipments whilst staying true to their roots and to the Bavarian tradition of warm welcome and outstanding hospitality. Oktoberfest is the best expression of this. As soon as we step into the tent, we all felt part of a community. It's a feeling that only a few festivals have managed to create. But don't be mistaken, Oktoberfest is a massive event that requires a monstrous level of organisation! 6.3 million people attended the festival this year, 7.3 million litres were drunk and 550 thousands chickens eaten. This festival has grown exponentially and people from all around the world take the trip to Munich each year. Despite this growing interest, the festival has stayed as authentic as possible appealing to the locals who come back every year. In fact 70% of the guests are from Bavaria itself. Oktoberfest is definitely one of our favourite times of the year!