We’re excited to share our recent conversation with Canterbury-based craft brewery, Floc.  We sat down with Floc and discussed the history of the brewery, their approach to label design, and their commitment to community engagement.  So, grab a pint of Whisper and join us as we discover the story of Floc Brewing.

Outside view of Floc Brewing's taproom in the UK, showing many people gathered at long benches with tables. Patrons are enjoying conversations, drinking specialty and craft beer, and some are eating.


Q. Can you tell us a bit about the history Floc, and what inspired you to start making beer?

Floc. was founded in 2020 on a 100-litre kit in Margate by an ex professional brewer, slowly honing and tweaking the recipes and brand over the year demand grew rapidly and so the time was right to scale the business. We finally found our new home in Canterbury, a 7000sq ft space with a 30hl brewhouse and bustling site taproom where we started brewing from February 2022 site the same dedication to quality from our small batch roots.

Our aim is to make awesome beer using quality ingredients with a passion for flavour and drinkability. We brew modern, flavourful beer made to be enjoyed with friends in pubs, on the beach or wherever you enjoy spending time. We make the beer we love to drink, fresh delicious beer, liquid sunshine that makes us smile.

    Inside Floc's taproom, the wall is painted with the cursive pink words 'beer is beautiful' and a person is visible behind the bar. The image conveys the welcoming and fun atmosphere of Floc's taproom, as well as the company's appreciation for the art of brewing    

Q. Floc’s artwork is brilliant. Can you tell us about the inspiration behind the artwork and how the visuals reflect Floc’s brand identity and values?

 We wanted the labels to be fun, colourful and modern so they stood out on the shelves. It’s such a crowded market place that for a small brewery like floc to succeed we needed a point of difference – hence the cut-out labels which are tricky to set up and apply but are unique as far as I know, changing with every new release with a new die-cut made.

Our art style is bold, adult cartoony and fun, we like to enjoy beer without overthinking it too much, and that’s what we want to portray in the artwork – the experience of being fun and exciting. Beer should be about enjoyment, fun and positive vibes. That’s what we’re trying to surround Floc with, not only the beer we make but the visuals created for it.


Q. Any upcoming releases or collaborations that you’re particularly excited about that you can share with us?

We just did a collab with Verdant which we’re super proud of, alongside a new release for the upcoming Hop City festival with Northern Monk.

  A pint of beer in a colourful branded Floc glass is full and looks refreshing. The vibrant design of the glass and branding reflect the unique and high-quality experience of enjoying Floc's specialty beers  

Q. How do you engage with the local community?

We continually run a project called ‘Tins for Tinnies’, where people bring in items of in-demand food items in return for a can of beer, we then distribute the items to local food banks nearby the brewery.  Alongside being a collection point for the local food bank, we encourage local not-for-profit groups to use the taproom space for a variety of events without charge, allowing a springboard event location without investment.


Q. The brewing industry has changed massively in the UK in the last few years. What excites you about producing craft beer in the UK right now?

 The quality of craft beer in the UK now is so high, the excitement comes from always improving, producing consistently great beer and working with breweries in the UK and Europe on collaborations so the beer gets into as many hands as possible.


Q. If you could only drink one beer style for the rest of your life, but it had to be made by a different brewery, what style would you choose and who would you want to make it?

Hazy and hoppy IPA’s brewed by Root & Branch in the US.

  A half-drunk pint of beer in a Floc glass is resting on a table, with someone visible in the background enjoying a drink. The image highlights the high-quality and enjoyable experience of drinking Floc's specialty beers. The visual of the beer in the Floc glass also reinforces the company's branding and recognition for customers  

As part of our Future Four programme, we are championing Floc Brewing, as we believe they have the potential to be one of the best in the industry! Attend our Floc Brewing trade tastings:




We hope you agree that Floc’s beers are some of the very best, try some here: