The UK takes its brewing seriously. As a country with beer flowing through its veins, the UK is responsible for some of the most popular beer styles around the world. It's the birthplace of the IPA, brewed for military men posted in India during the Empire; the porter, created as a wholesome treat for workers in London's docklands; and the British bitter, up in the former capital of world brewing, Burton. For a few decades in the mid 20th century the country lost its way, as bad macrokeg lagers took over the bars and regional brewers bought all the pubs. But the good work of CAMRA kept the scene on life support until exciting American breweries reached the shores and kickstarted a revolution in beer. From only a hundred of so British breweries in the 70s, there are now over 1700 making some of the best beers in the world. Trailblazers like the Kernel, Beavertown and Brewdog have changed the face of British brewing, while a new wave of exciting upstarts like Cloudwater, Gispy Hill and Siren are keeping momentum and giving Britain a shot once again at the title of the home of brewing.
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