Blonde, Saison & Farmhouse

Distinct Yeast Characters group this fairly broad range of beer styles.

Typically light and fruity, blond beers are made with to have a smooth and pale malt character to allow all the other ingredients to shine through. In Belgium that means lots of lovely yeasty esters (aromas) of clove, banana and bread, while the rest of the world loads in the hops to get that modern citrus aroma.

Originally brewed at Christmas, saisons were left to mature during the colder months and served to the workers in the fields come summer. These workers were called "Saisonniers", from which the style gets its name. They were meant to be refreshing and light to keep the workers cool, but what really defines them is the spicy character that comes from the yeast. They can be peppery, or slightly apple-like, or even have spices such as cinnamon on the nose. This classic Belgian beer style is often reinvented with the addition of US hops or fruit and often referred to as farmhouse ales.

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