Bar In The Village - A hub for local entertainment

In a small quaint village called Timperley just outside of central Manchester, lies a beautiful little venue called Bar In The Village. Our Manchester Account Manager Hannah Metcalfe takes us on a trip to this local community hub, serving some of the very best craft beer around.  

Bar in the village has established itself as a great cocktail & craft bar that aims to build community by providing drinks that bring people together and an atmosphere that is a hub for local entertainment.  

Opening in November 2019 their approach was to deliver only the finest service to their customers from in and around the local community. As with everyone else, their venture with a brand new bar nearly came to a crashing end due to the global pandemic and never-ending lockdowns. Bar In The Village sought to help their community, changing their offering to support the local community with free local deliveries of fresh beer and cocktails. They purchased a small portable bar for people within their community to hire and serve their own beer whilst bubbled up as the lockdowns relaxed. When they reopened, they gradually reintroduced their tap lines, starting with just two lines and progressively increasing to six, featuring some of Cave Direct’s best beers including; Paulaner, Lervig, Kona Big Wave, and Cloudwater. Without the support of their community and their loyal customers – Bar In The Village wouldn’t be what it is today.  

Not only does Bar in the Village have a venue in Timperley, but they also have a horse box which they have refurbished with a couple of lines. They use the Horse Box for local community events and mini-festivals in the area. It is available for hire for larger-scale events and has also just recently been asked by the local football team for support running and stocking their bar for all the fans to enjoy. The horse box not only allows Bar in the Village to expand its bar and its offerings, but it also cements them in that local community they are so passionate about, plus providing great tasting refreshments for local events. 

In September of this year, Bar In The Village refurbished their bar with classic wooden shelving displaying their spirits, with a brand new ten-line tap wall, finished with a stylish bar front to showcase all the amazing cocktails which they make. With an Open Mic night Every Wednesday, Quiz Night on a Sunday and a community BBQ every quarter, Bar In The Village gives the village of Timperley a venue where everyone (including your little doggos) are welcome. Why not stop by and grab a House Party sometime? Just make sure the doggos stay on the water!